ABC Library Press 1

ABC Library Press 1: Common or Bobcat press

[See all three presses of the ABC Library.]

Website: Richard Hicks (1922-2012) was a master woodworker who crafted the replicas of the Medieval and the Common or Bobcat presses in the Center for the Book.

The text on the nut states on one side: “BOBCAT PRESS NO1 SPINDLE” and on the other side “MADE BY R. HICKS 1975”. The text on the hooks of the box hose states: “NO. 1”, and the text on the platen plate states: “BOBCAT PRESS”.

The text on the head states: “The Bobcat Press made for Don & Joann Cole by Richard Hicks. Cedar Crest, New Mexico. Model No. 1. 1976. Serial No.2”.