A visual overview

This is just a placeholder for a global census of wooden printing presses. It contains the photographs and notes about wooden printing presses, organised geographically. On January 15, 2019, there are descriptions of 102 presses. There are probably about 454 wooden presses in total. About 140 presses are in the USA.

The search function, categories, and map work. I’m working on a ‘tagging/sorting’ system that should make it possible to select presses based on their characteristics. (And I’ll make some collections: The presses mentioned by Philip Gaskell in 1970, presses by Richard Hicks, presses by Adam Ramage, and replica’s based on Harris & Sisson).

Please note that there might be errors, omissions, and other issues. [Just tell me, and I’ll correct them.]

For more information contact: Karel van der Waarde <waarde@glo.be>