Owen County: private collection Tom Strassell (location to be confirmed.)

Website (March 16, 2016): “Tom Strassell of Poplar Grove … is a historical reenactor and built a wooden press from plans dated 1585. He demonstrates and displays his historic print shop across the country, and has been a consultant for historic sites and for the PBS special on Andrew Jackson, “Good, Bad, and the Presidency”. Tom is a retired curator of the historic print shop at the Cincinnati Museum Center (= “Gibson & Co. Print Shop”), and has been involved in many different areas of the printing field for 50 years.”

The press is shown at several events. Among which:

• Boon County Public Library (2008). Website: “Tom Strassell is currently curator of the nineteenth century print shop at the Cincinnati Museum Center. He also has a print studio in his home where he reproduces historic documents and teaches classes on the history, culture, and how-to of letterpress printing. His exhibit has been hosted at many national historic sites and museums including Fort Niagara, NY, Mt. Vernon, home of George Washington, and the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

Patriot Fair (2011). Website (June 15, 2017): “New this year is a working wooden printing press. Tom Strassell will show how printing was done early in our history. Tom has served as a consultant for many historic sites including New Harmony, Indiana.”

Fair at New Boston (2013). Two video’s are available on youtube: ‘Demonstrating the colonial printing press at the fair at New Boston in Springfield (OH).’ (August 31, 2013) and ‘Fair at New Boston – Printer’ (September 2, 2013).

Musee de Venoge (June 19, 2017). Website (June15, 2017): “A working wooden printing press will be a new addition to demonstrations this year. Tom Strassell, who has worked as a historic consultant for PBs, will show how early printing was done.