Hale pa‘i printing museum

Hale pa‘i/printing museum (Printing Office (Ka Hale Pa‘i) (1841)): Lahainaluna High, School Campus, 980 Lahainaluna Road, Lahaina.

Website: “The sign on the head states: ‘Built by Machine Shop and Carpentry students of the Honolulu Community College, 1966.”

Website: “The Printing office at the Museum houses a reproduction Ramage Press, similar to the one brought by ship around Cape Horn from Boston. As early as 1822 the original press was used to print materials in the Hawaiian language and local demand was great for the output of the press, which was instrumental in promoting Hawaiian literacy.”

Website: “In 1970, for example, Peggie Silverman Ehlke started a project to build a duplicate of the Ramage Press, which had printed the first Hawaiian language book. The press disappeared after being taken to Maui for schoolbook printing. She and Albertine Loomis, great-granddaughter of the first Mission printer, worked for two years to track down a press to copy before discovering one in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich., that was validated by the Smithsonian Institution. Ehlke supervised the building of the duplicate press by Honolulu Tech and in 1972, on the 150th anniversary of the printing of the Hawaiian text, the press performed flawlessly.”

Website: “The replica was made from an original blue print and crafted out of ohia wood by carpentry and machine students of Honolulu Community College who presented the press to the museum in 1966.”

There might be a another replica here? The last photo shows a ‘replica’ that does not have the four large circles ‘on the back of the head’, the screws look different, and the location is different’?