ABC Library Press 3

ABC Library Press 3: A number 3 Bobcat press

[See all three presses of the ABC Library.]

The plaque on the head states: “The No.3 Bobcat Press made by Richard Hicks for this printing shop in Cedar Crest, New Mexico. Model No. 3. 1976. Serial No. 1”.

The text on the nut states on one side: “BOBCAT PRESS NO1 SPINDLE” and on the other side “MADE BY R. HICKS 1975”. The  text on the platen-plate states: “BOBCAT PRESS”.

Website: “Built by Cedar Crest, New Mexico, sculptor Dick Hicks in the 1970s and 1980s, the Bobcat Press was designed to replicate a Common Press, a centuries-old wood handpress. The frame and parts are made of Honduras mahogany and the fittings, including the press screw, are made of cast bronze. Fully operable, Bobcat presses were acquired by printing aficionados throughout the country.”