Landis Valley Museum

The Landis Valley Museum: 2451 Kissel Hill Road, Lancaster, PA 17601.

Johnson, E. 2002. Landis Valley Museum. Pennsylvania Trail of History Guide. Mechanicsburg (PA): Stackpole Books. Page 28 states: “Dominating the workspace is a c. 1826 Ramage press, invented by Scotsman Adam Ramage. It is one of only six such presses that have survived from the more than 1250 presses he made.”

Reference: Brewer, Fredric. 1991. Against all adversities: the pioneer printers of Brookville, Indiana. Indiana Magazine of history. LXXXVII, December 1991. pp 308 includes a photograph and states: “Of some 1,200 presses Adam Ramage constructed, only 4 have been located.”

Reference: Saxe, Stephen O. 1993. ‘The Landis Valley Museum Ramage Press’. Printing History. Volume 15, Issue 1, p. 26.