International Printing Museum Press 2.

Press 2:

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The Indianapolis Star (January 11, 1953. Page 20): ‘On a trip to Massachusetts for purchase of several items for his company, Mr. Bookwalter saw the old Ramage in the lobby of a firm at Norwood, Mass., 14 miles from Boston. … Mr. Bookwalter finally persuaded owners of the historic press to “loan” it for placing in the reporduction of the Elihu Stout shop at Vincennes when it is ready.’

Philip Gaskell (1956) notes: “A ramage of the 1805-15 period, formerly owned by the Norwood Press.”

Gaskell (1970, p 32) mentions: “USA 19. The Bookwalter Company, Indianapolis, Ind.”. He notes: “Stamped ‘Ramage’ on the spindle; formerly owned by the Norwood Press.”

The Wayzgoose Gazette (Newsletter of the International Printing Museum, Volume 8, Number 1, July 1998) describes how the Ramage press was acquired in 1998. Page 2: ‘We inquired about the Ramage press and were told it had been crated and moved to Chicago.’ Rand McNally and Ted McNally donated the press to the International printing Museum.

Video: ‘Printing on the Ramage press’. Video by David Crammer, uploaded on July 5, 2009.