Columbia University Press 1

Press 1: An Adam Ramage Common press # 630.

[See both presses of Columbia University.]

Robert Oldham (page 38): “Adam Ramage probably built common press # 630 late in his career.”

Gaskell mentions (1954, page 173, USA16) a press in the Columbia University (New York). He notes: “Believed by Mr. Green to be of English origin; but he also says that it has an open hose. Now dismantled pending selection of a permanent site for its display.”

Gaskell (1970, page 31, USA16) notes: “Probably by Ramage; stamped ‘No 630’; formerly owned by A.T.F.”

Jane Siegel: “A note in the file quotes from a letter from H.L. Bullen to L.C. Wroth (7 Oct 1929) that the press was imported by a Boston printer named Marvin, ca. 1800-1825, who used it to print the first issue of the Christian Register. H.L. Bullen had the press gilded. Belonged to the Franklin Typographical Society of New York until bought by the American Type Founders Library (ATF) in 1925.”