American Computer museum

American Computer museum: 2023 Stadium Dr #1A, Bozeman, MT 59715


The text on the sign states: “The press on display is a faithful reproduction of the Gutenberg Press and is on permanent loan to the American Computer Museum from the American Bible Society in New York City. Founded in 1816, the American Bible Society had this press built many decades ago for their museum. After many years on display, it was dismantled and stayed in storage until it was transferred here to Bozeman in the fall of 2007.”


Website (December 24, 2007): “The centerpiece is an 1816 “faithful reproduction” of the original press from the American Bible Society in New York City. “I had a dream about two months ago that I should get a Gutenberg press,” he said. “I got online and found a 10-year-old e-mail on a blog” indicating that the Bible society was looking for a home for the thick, weighty, wooden replica. He got in touch, and it turned out the press hadn’t yet been adopted. One thing led to another and the press was shipped to the museum this fall.”


Frans Janssen mentions this press (2004, page 277) as “the reconstructions in the American Bible Society in New York”.