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Gaskell (1970, page 32, USA22) notes: “Said to have been used c. 1832 by Peter Kaufman, Canton’s first printer.” Gaskell’s 1956 PhD-thesis does not mention this press.

Harris (1972, Page 44): “Two other presses, apparently made by none of these men yet clearly American, survive in Ambridge (Pennsylvania) and Canton (Ohio).”

Harris (1972, page 47): “The Canton press (USA 22) is more of a mystery and may have been assembled from different sources. It was said to have been used by Canton’s first printer Peter Kaufman, who came from Philadelphia in 1831, and either to have been made in Canton or brought from Philadelphia. Today the press has lost its spindle and hose but gained an extra platen. The more incomplete platen and the cheeks are very much like Ramage’s, but two short ladders of notches cut into the plank and the diagonal set of the nut in the head recall Goodman’s press, while the rounce and second platen are unlike any others. Extra screw holes in the sides of the carriage suggest that there was once a different rounce. When I examined the press the mortises of the cheeks and forestay were still packed with the relics of a printer’s trade in Philadelphia – batches of cards printed for the local tradesmen. The cards date stylistically from the 1820s and 1830s and suggest that at least those parts of the press came from Philadelphia with Peter Kaufman.”

Northern Ohio Bibliophilic Society (NOBS) newsletter, vol. 24, no. 1 (Winter 2007) published: “Peter Kaufman: pioneer printer of northern Ohio” written by Dean H. Keller.