Sturbridge Village

Sturbridge Village: 1 Old Sturbridge Village Rd, Sturbridge, MA 01566.


Website: Collection No. 59.2.3: “Small Ramage proof press with a mahogany frame consisting of a wooden table, upright cheeks, and head timber; cast iron platen, bed, and rails; machined iron/steel screw depresses platen which is supported by iron/steel guide rods that pass through the head timber and are retained on top by nuts on top of coiled springs; coiled springs return platen to rest position; forged iron lever with wooden handle is tenoned through the block at base of screw and is pulled to activate the screw; forged iron tympan and frisket; bed is moved in and out by a hand crank mounted on the end of an shaft and with a wooden roller to which are attached leather straps fixed to each end of the bed.through block and stand (which is repro.)

According to donor, Mr. Kinney, the press was purchased by Mr. George W. Burch from the American Publishing Co. (now out of business–1955) sometime before 1914. Ramage presses were reportedly cheap and satisfactory. The legs were made in 1955 in the OSV cabinet shop.”

According to Bob Oldham: Ramage press #151.