Ephrata Press 1

Press 1: Ouram Press.

[See both wooden presses of the Ephrata Cloister.]

Gaskell (1970, page 29, USA 11) states that this press is in the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He notes that it is “Built by H. Ouram, Philadelphia, possible in 1804.”

[This is one of the two remaining printing presses by Henry Ouram. The other press is in the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley in Winchester (Virginia).]

Website: An 1876 leaflet describes the history of the press. It states: “This unprententious piece of machinery has passed through various hands for nearly a century and a half, until some four years ago it was bequeathed to the Historical Society of the State of Pennsylvania by Mr. P. Martin Heitler, of Ephrata, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania.”

Website: “Historic Pennsylvania: Ephrata Cloister. One of the most important colonial Presses was the press of the Brotherhood, on which the Martyr’s Mirror of the Mennonites, largest book published in Colonial America, was printed at the Ephrata Cloister. Printer shown operating the cloister press is Harry F. Stauffer, who has restored the press so that the art of printing once again flourishes in this Cultural Center of Pennsylvania.”

Website: “The Ouram press  was used by Joseph Bauman at Ephrata. Today this printing press is owned by the Pennsylvania Historical Society in Philadelphia, and is on exhibit in the print shop at the Ephrata Cloister”